PhD in Industrial Engineering


The Graduate Program Director in coordination with the student’s dissertation advisor will design a program of study with a minimum set of courses as listed below, plus a set of additional courses as deemed necessary. The Graduate Program Director will take into consideration the student’s background, objectives, and special educational needs that will better prepare the student for conducting his/her dissertation research. The student’s progress will be closely monitored to ensure that all requirements have been met to earn the Ph.D. degree.

The Ph.D. requirements consist of a minimum of 60 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree. Ph.D. students with a Master's degree may complete a minimum of 30 credits beyond the master’s degree including a minimum of 12 credit hours devoted to dissertation research depending on their background. Students with non-IE background may take up to 30 credits of courses depending on their background.

Curriculum Requirements



Credit Hours

Individualized Student Plan

3 to 7 Courses at 600 or 700 level of IEN courses

9 - 21

3 to 7 Courses at 700 level of IEN courses

9 - 21

Dissertation (12 credits)

12 - 18

Required Exams

Written Qualifying Exam 1

Total Credit Hours


Course List



A written qualifying examination is to be taken by each doctoral degree candidate during the first year of graduate work. The department may specify that the student must take an oral examination as well. In those cases, normally, the student shall pass the written examination before the oral examination is conducted. Upon completion of the examination process, the Graduate Director notifies the Department Chairman that the student has passed or failed the examination. A student who fails the examination may be permitted to retake it one last time. The applicant must hold a 3.0 average on all credit hours attempted with no single grade below "C" at the University of Miami while a graduate student.


At least 24 credits must be taken in residence at the University of Miami.


1-4 courses outside of IEN may be substituted in lieu of IEN courses with the Graduate Director’s approval.

The course credits will be expected to include the following courses or equivalent. If the student completed any of these courses as requirements for the master’s degree, substitute courses may be selected with the approval of the Graduate Program Director. 

IEN 647

Computer Simulation Systems

IEN 712

Design of Experiments

IEN 742

Linear Programming and Extensions

IEN 765

Advanced Production Systems