Message from the Chair

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the University of Miami College of Engineering (UMCoE) Department of Industrial Engineering (IE), I am delighted to welcome you to one of the most comprehensive and holistic IE programs in the country.


Industrial engineers create and apply quantitative models and techniques, which rely on the vastly complex array of data sources available to redesign, re-engineer and create value while solving industry and global issues. Our location in South Florida presents us with unique advantages including our gateway access to South and Central America and the Caribbean. Our outstanding and award-winning faculty exhibits our commitment to undertaking high tech cutting-edge research aimed at challenging the boundaries of engineering knowledge and methodology. Many of our courses are taught by our renowned faculty and industry experts who bridge the innovative course content with high-tech advancements in the areas of optimization, data analytics, financial engineering, supply chain management, application to healthcare delivery, energy and sustainability, and biomechanics. Industrial engineering is a highly interdisciplinary field. We regularly partner with experts in the areas of healthcare, business, government, not-for-profit and the services sector to address challenges facing society and industry.

We are committed to enhancing our student experience by establishing a comprehensive research and mentoring program throughout the undergraduate journey. Our undergraduate students are afforded hands-on research opportunities to collaborate with faculty to present papers at national conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Students are exposed to contemporary topics such as big data analytics, energy and data mining. We also offer a 5-year BS/MS program in IE, which students are accepted into during their junior year. Our graduates work at leading firms, including: Google, Goldman Sachs, American Express, NextEra Energy, FedEx, U.S. government and academia.

Please email me at vomachonu@miami.edu with any questions. Come learn how we can support your future in IEN.


Vincent Omachonu, PhD, PE
Professor and Chair